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Limousine hire & VIP transport

BookAclassic is a nationwide limousine hire and VIP transport service. We have a wide range of famous limousine brands for hire such as Jaguar, Bentley, Mercedes and Rolls-Royce, not to mention American marques such as Cadillac, Buick and Lincoln. Allow us to take care of your guests or VIPs with the most extensive online service available in limousine hire.

Make your dreams come true

It's never been more popular to use limousine service for weddings, gala dinners and lunches. Many of us have enjoyed the memorable experience of witnessing newlyweds coming out of the church or town hall to be collected by a stately limousine. It really makes quite an impression and isn't surprising that it's an experience that many more want to share. Often limousine service is associated with a particular party theme like an Elvis party or 50s Grease party, adding even more fun and colour to the event.

Limousine driving adds value to all sorts of events

It's an amazingly exciting and romantic experience to be driven in a unique limousine to the airport for your honeymoon - what better way to kick off the occasion? And then when you return from your trip you'll have a great limousine and private driver waiting for you to take you safely home to a new life together.

Maybe you're not newlyweds but want to celebrate your silver wedding. Limousine driving can be a fun and exciting experience for silver wedding couple. Or how about arranging for a wonderful limousine to collect a family member or a friend from the airport after a long period abroad? It's hard to imagine a nicer way to welcome them home and show them how much you've missed them.

Limousine driving can also be used to celebrate a birthday, for example a 50th birthday celebration. Or maybe you want to give someone a gift? We can warmly recommend limousine driving as a heartwarming gift from you to another, perhaps including a stop at a good restaurant along the way or a visit to the theatre or cinema. Or maybe you want to treat your guest to a particularly beautiful view as part of the experience where they can have some lovely photos taken in front of a scenic backdrop.

Limousine driving in action

The scene is set for pleasant surprises along the way in your deluxe limo. You get a drink from the bar, relax in the soft, bright leather seats whilst listening to calm music or watching a movie. It's great to be able to leave all practical arrangements to the driver and relax completely.

There's ample space in limousines so you'll have the opportunity to bring your family and friends, enjoying the deluxe interior, inhouse entertainment and luxury comfort.

American, British and German VIP limousine hire

If you're looking for classic or vintage limousine hire for a great experience, we can offer all the great British marques such as Jaguar, Bentley, Daimler and Rolls-Royce - all stylish and dignified vehicles ideally suited to treating your VIP guests.

If you require a vehicle with room for everyone and want to make a great visual impression then an American limousine is probably the answer. Cadillac stretch limousines Lincoln Town Cars are always a success. These cars usually have sufficient room for 8 VIPs who can enjoy drinks from the minibar whilst catching up on the news on the built-in TV on the journey.

We also stock German VIP transport vehicles such as BMW and Mercedes which offer comfort, security and a safe limousine drive for your VIP guests.

Business event & party transport

If your business event demands a special twist we can deliver a range of highly unique cars and special transport vehicles for the event. So if you’ve got an idea but no transport solution then don't hesitate to contact BookAclassic and we'll guarantee that your business party is absolutely unique and unforgettable!

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